Thai Beef Salad

Hello everyone! When I went home last August, my number one priority (besides seeing friends and family) was to eat all of the food I could — I even made a list! One of the foods on my list was my mom’s Thai beef salad, which is crunchy, sour, and spicy, and perfect for summer. We ate … Continue reading Thai Beef Salad

Goho Temple

Across the street from my old school is a Buddhist temple called Goho Temple. In Japanese its name is 五宝寺, which roughly translates to “Temple of the Five Treasures.” I’m not quite sure what the treasures are, but it certainly is a beautiful place! All throughout Tatebayashi are a scattering of Buddhist temples and Shinto … Continue reading Goho Temple

Kansas City Eats

Hello all! Long time no see — we returned home from the U.S. a week ago, and I’m still trying to adjust to being back in Japan. It’s been tough going back to edit the pictures I took over our three-week vacation; I’m definitely feeling a bit homesick!  That being said, it’s been too long … Continue reading Kansas City Eats