こんばんは! Last weekend we went to the Buddhist temple called Kiyomizudera, which means “Pure Water Temple.” It was a short bus ride from our Airbnb, so we set out early, arriving at the bottom of the road around 9:30am. It was already busy! There were lots of shops just opening up selling souvenirs and yatsuhashi, a … Continue reading Kiyomizudera


Hello everyone! We got back from our 5-day Kyoto trip yesterday. I was hoping we would be in time to see the beautiful fall colours Japan is so famous for, but alas, we were just a week or two too early! Regardless, it was absolutely beautiful. Our first full day we visited Arashiyama, or “Storm … Continue reading Arashiyama

Komagata Shrine

Hello all! Tiny post here. I received a GoPro as an early birthday present, so this evening Paul and I went out to the rice fields to practice with it in preparation for our Kyoto trip next month! On our way home we found ourselves near a tiny shrine called Komagata. (The light was almost … Continue reading Komagata Shrine