Autumn in Tatebayashi

Hello all! Hope you’re doing well. I noticed this week as I was biking to school that the beautiful Japanese maples are now in full colour, so this morning I went to work early and spent half an hour taking pictures at my favourite spots! Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I bike past and over … Continue reading Autumn in Tatebayashi

Tatebayashi Men-1 Grand Prix

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted; I’ve been a bit sick and out-of-sorts, but I’m finally starting to feel better. On October 1st we went to Tatebayashi’s annual Men-1 Grand Prix. Men is the Japanese word for “noodles,” and it is a noodle-lover’s paradise! There were stands from different restaurants all over – … Continue reading Tatebayashi Men-1 Grand Prix


My favourite Japanese tradition is Hanami, or “flower-viewing.” It’s a springtime tradition in Japan, during which people bring out picnic blankets to sit in the park beneath the cherry blossom trees and eat, drink, and enjoy the company of friends. While hanami can refer to many different kinds of flowers, it is now primarily centred around cherry blossoms. Japanese … Continue reading Hanami

Hina Matsuri

おはようございます! Today, March 3rd, is Hina Matsuri. Hina Matsuri, or “Girl’s Day,” began during the Heian period (794 – 1185). It’s also called Momo no Sekku, or “Peach Festival,” because peach blossoms signal the beginning of spring. In an early tradition called Hina Nagashi, or Doll Floating, straw dolls were set on boats and sent down the … Continue reading Hina Matsuri

Tatebayashi Daruma Festival

こんにちは! Yesterday (Wednesday) was the annual Tatebayashi Daruma Festival! It happens every January, and I have to say, I think I enjoy these winter festivals much more than the summer ones – there’s less sweating and more warm, delicious food! A daruma doll is a round, hollow doll based off of the Bodhidharma from Buddhism. As … Continue reading Tatebayashi Daruma Festival