May Knits

Hello everyone! Just a small post today. I realised today that I haven’t posted my knitting in several months – though, I will admit, for some strange reason I find myself more interested in knitting in the spring and summer than in the winter. Maybe it’s because I’m too hot to do anything but sit … Continue reading May Knits

Old Shale Knitting

Hello everyone! Just a small post today. I realised recently that it’s been several months since I last documented my knitting. It’s funny – I usually knit more in the summer, when I don’t need anything I make; but then again, I get sick more often in the winter, and I don’t like to knit … Continue reading Old Shale Knitting

Fall Knits

こんばんは! Just a small post today. Long time no see! A week ago I had a second sports festival, this time at 8th Elementary School, to attend; I started the day with a sore throat that grew into a cold by the time I returned home, so I’ve been laying low for the past week … Continue reading Fall Knits