May Knits

Hello everyone! Just a small post today. I realised today that I haven’t posted my knitting in several months – though, I will admit, for some strange reason I find myself more interested in knitting in the spring and summer than in the winter. Maybe it’s because I’m too hot to do anything but sit … Continue reading May Knits


My favourite Japanese tradition is Hanami, or “flower-viewing.” It’s a springtime tradition in Japan, during which people bring out picnic blankets to sit in the park beneath the cherry blossom trees and eat, drink, and enjoy the company of friends. While hanami can refer to many different kinds of flowers, it is now primarily centred around cherry blossoms. Japanese … Continue reading Hanami

This Week – 3/27/17

こんにちは! Hi everyone! It’s been a busy week for me. Even though I only had one day of classes last week, preparations for the 6th grade graduation  and preparing to change schools took up a lot of time. Firstly, our last day of kyuushoku (school lunch) was last Tuesday, so Wednesday and Thursday we had … Continue reading This Week – 3/27/17