Gochiya Ramen

Hello everyone! Another little food post today. One thing I love about Tatebayashi is the abundance of delicious, hand-made ramen noodle shops! There are several close to us (one of which, Kanemasa, is literally a two minute walk down the street from our apartment). Probably my favourite ramen shop in town is Sobo Gochiya. It’s … Continue reading Gochiya Ramen

Kouba Cafe

Hello everyone! It’s been a hectic week! Between changing schools, cooking extra for lunch (no school lunch this week), and editing some friends’ engagement photos (!!!), I’ve hardly had any time to write – so this is my little break! Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to recoup my energy and write properly about it, … Continue reading Kouba Cafe

Soba Noodles

On Saturday we went to Matsumoto, Nagano, which is famed for its soba noodles. I love soba noodles – they’re made from buckwheat flour and can be served hot or cold, which makes them a very versatile food that can be enjoyed in both winter and summer. (I actually haven’t ever had hot soba – … Continue reading Soba Noodles

Jimantei Ramen

こんにちは! Last Saturday, Paul, Kayla, and I went to the restaurant Jimantei for ramen. It was awesome! The kanji on the sign, 手 and 打, translate to “hand” and “strike” – which together means handmade noodles! Like many family-owned shops, it looks like the first floor is the restaurant and the second floor is where the family lives. We … Continue reading Jimantei Ramen


Last night we went to see Rogue One in the mall a town over, and beforehand we decided to grab dinner at a katsu restaurant. Katsu is a deep-fried meat dish usually served with shredded cabbage and katsu sauce. The more common kind of katsu is tonkotsu (pork cutlet), though you can also get chicken katsu, beef katsu, even … Continue reading Katsu


こんにちは! One of my new favourite Japanese treats is taiyaki! One family runs the kakigori shop and the taiyaki stand, and they have a good business going – in the summer, they serve kakigori, the most perfect summer treat; and in the winter, they serve fresh hot taiyaki in the stand next door! It’s basically a … Continue reading Taiyaki