Obiki Inari Shrine

Right next to one of my schools is a beautiful shrine. I often bike the scenic route past it – a bosky pathway flanked by dense azalea bushes and shaded by tall cherry trees. In the springtime it is spectacular with colour, vibrant reds and magentas and soft white-pinks; in the summer it is cool … Continue reading Obiki Inari Shrine

Ashikaga Flower Park

こんばんは!This week, there are three holidays in a row (Constitution Day, Green Day, and Child’s Day) that come together into what the Japanese call Golden Week. This year, it’s awesome – we get Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off! So Wednesday afternoon I went to the Ashikaga Flower Park with my friend Katie to see the wisteria! The … Continue reading Ashikaga Flower Park

Tobu Treasure Garden

Last weekend I went to the Tobu Treasure Garden, a beautiful gem tucked away just 15 minutes from Morinjimae Station on foot. There’s a neat nursery in there, an elegant shop with gardening supplies, tea sets, teas, and various herbal/flower soaps, etc., an outdoor cafe on a patio, and a restaurant inside the Victorian House. … Continue reading Tobu Treasure Garden