Sydney, Day 4

Hey guys! We took it easy our last day in Sydney. I had one last thing on my list of things I wanted to see – an art installation calledĀ Forgotten Songs, at Angel Place. Afterwards we headed to the Australian Museum. We’d seen a big sign up for a spider exhibit there, and Paul loves … Continue reading Sydney, Day 4

Sydney, Day 3

Hello everyone! On our third day in Sydney, we slept in a bit and then headed out in search of lunch. We wandered first through the CBD (central business district) and the Circular Quay: We hit up the Rocks again, where now they were having the weekend market. I was so excited to get some … Continue reading Sydney, Day 3

Sydney, Day 2

Hello everyone! Our second day at Sydney was the big event – Sam and Kevin’s wedding! Sam – or “Samansa-sensei,” as her students called her – has been our friend since we first started in Japan! She and Paul came to Tatebayashi together through JET in July 2013 (along with Alan and Naz, hi guys!) … Continue reading Sydney, Day 2

Sydney, Day 1

Hello everyone! Last weekend we were in Australia for the first time! Our friends Sam and Kevin got married Saturday, June 3rd, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them again in such a beautiful city. Last Thursday we flew out from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Sydney, Australia. It was an overnight … Continue reading Sydney, Day 1