Sydney, Day 4

Hey guys! We took it easy our last day in Sydney. I had one last thing on my list of things I wanted to see – an art installation called Forgotten Songs, at Angel Place. Afterwards we headed to the Australian Museum. We’d seen a big sign up for a spider exhibit there, and Paul loves … Continue reading Sydney, Day 4

Sydney, Day 3

Hello everyone! On our third day in Sydney, we slept in a bit and then headed out in search of lunch. We wandered first through the CBD (central business district) and the Circular Quay: We hit up the Rocks again, where now they were having the weekend market. I was so excited to get some … Continue reading Sydney, Day 3

Sydney, Day 2

Hello everyone! Our second day at Sydney was the big event – Sam and Kevin’s wedding! Sam – or “Samansa-sensei,” as her students called her – has been our friend since we first started in Japan! She and Paul came to Tatebayashi together through JET in July 2013 (along with Alan and Naz, hi guys!) … Continue reading Sydney, Day 2