May Knits

Hello everyone! Just a small post today. I realised today that I haven’t posted my knitting in several months – though, I will admit, for some strange reason I find myself more interested in knitting in the spring and summer than in the winter. Maybe it’s because I’m too hot to do anything but sit … Continue reading May Knits

Washoku Wednesday: Soba

When someone says, “Japanese food,” foreigners often immediately think of sushi and tempura. If they think of noodles, they usually think of ramen, first and foremost; but there is a quieter, healthier cousin of the bold and rich ramen, one that I have come to love – and those noodles are called soba. A note … Continue reading Washoku Wednesday: Soba

Ashikaga Flower Park

こんばんは!This week, there are three holidays in a row (Constitution Day, Green Day, and Child’s Day) that come together into what the Japanese call Golden Week. This year, it’s awesome – we get Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off! So Wednesday afternoon I went to the Ashikaga Flower Park with my friend Katie to see the wisteria! The … Continue reading Ashikaga Flower Park