This Week – 4/9/17

10 thoughts on “This Week – 4/9/17”

    1. Hanami is definitely the prettiest time to be here! And there are so many other flower festivals coming up as well in the next month or so; there are two in town (azalea and iris), and a wisteria festival a town over; really any time in April or May is wonderful! Where did you visit in Japan?

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      1. Northern Japan sounds very beautiful, from what I’ve heard! I definitely want to visit Hokkaido in the summer (the winter sounds beautiful but waaaay too cold!)

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  1. Those blossoms look so beautiful!!! 😍 Do they tend to stay for a long time? Or are the trees only blossoming for a very short peripd of time?
    I also find it interesting how the school year starts now in Japan, but in Canada it starts in September

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    1. They stay for several days! In Tatebayashi they started blooming around April 2nd, and they’re only just starting to fade now. It’s pretty cool, the sakura blooms at different times in the country – I’ve heard of people taking a month to work their way down the country, following the sakura!

      And it was a little difficult at first adjusting to the school change – Canada and America are the same, the school year starts in August/September. I think it’s worse for the teachers, because they only have two weeks in between the school years to learn what grade they’re teaching and to begin preparing!

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      1. I’ll definitely have to travel to Japan one day during Sakura season! Is it typically at the beginning of April?

        Also, does that mean that teachers/students only get 2 weeks off instead of the almost 2 months they get between school years in America??

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      2. It depends on where you’re going! The sakura blooms moves up the country from the south, in Kyushu (Nagasaki, Fukuoka) starting around mid-late March, to Hokkaido (Sapporo) around late April, early May. (I found this cool site with a map with information on this year’s sakura –

        And yeah, the students only get two weeks, and then the teachers don’t even get that free! They have to use their paid vacation days if they want time off. There is a summer vacation, but it’s really only for about a month and a half around August – and again, teachers only get a week of that off for a national holiday!


      3. Oooo thank you for sharing that site! I’ll definitely have to plan my future Japan trip in accordance to when Sakura is blooming! 🙂

        And kudos to you for working so hard while all the kids at school have a longer break from classes!

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  2. Haha, thanks! Though I’ve for sure got it much easier than the homeroom teachers! They literally don’t find out what grade they’re going to teach until about two weeks before. I’ve had one teacher go from teaching 6th grade to 1st grade! The work never ends for them.


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