Tobu Treasure Garden

Last weekend I went to the Tobu Treasure Garden, a beautiful gem tucked away just 15 minutes from Morinjimae Station on foot. There’s a neat nursery in there, an elegant shop with gardening supplies, tea sets, teas, and various herbal/flower soaps, etc., an outdoor cafe on a patio, and a restaurant inside the Victorian House. … Continue reading Tobu Treasure Garden


My favourite Japanese tradition is Hanami, or “flower-viewing.” It’s a springtime tradition in Japan, during which people bring out picnic blankets to sit in the park beneath the cherry blossom trees and eat, drink, and enjoy the company of friends. While hanami can refer to many different kinds of flowers, it is now primarily centred around cherry blossoms. Japanese … Continue reading Hanami

Gochiya Ramen

Hello everyone! Another little food post today. One thing I love about Tatebayashi is the abundance of delicious, hand-made ramen noodle shops! There are several close to us (one of which, Kanemasa, is literally a two minute walk down the street from our apartment). Probably my favourite ramen shop in town is Sobo Gochiya. It’s … Continue reading Gochiya Ramen

Kouba Cafe

Hello everyone! It’s been a hectic week! Between changing schools, cooking extra for lunch (no school lunch this week), and editing some friends’ engagement photos (!!!), I’ve hardly had any time to write – so this is my little break! Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to recoup my energy and write properly about it, … Continue reading Kouba Cafe