Washoku Wednesday: Ichigo Daifuku

Hello all! I’ve decided to start a little section called Washoku Wednesday to get myself cooking more, and to explore Japanese culture through the plate. Washoku is the word for traditional Japanese cuisine. Since coming here I’ve found myself enjoying an entirely new range of foods and flavours that, three years ago, were foreign and more than a little uncomfortable … Continue reading Washoku Wednesday: Ichigo Daifuku

This Week – 2/12/17

こんばんは! This week was uneventful, but fun! At 1sho they had an assembly showing the kids how to use a fire extinguisher: We walked past the fire truck on our way back into the schools. They’re pretty small compared to American fire trucks! The logo on the truck has a tanuki – a big-balled raccoon dog, basically. There … Continue reading This Week – 2/12/17