Elementary School Lunch in Japan

7 thoughts on “Elementary School Lunch in Japan”

  1. I love this post! These look a lot like the meals that I was getting while working at a school in Japan. (Except it looks like you guys get desserts a little more often!) Do you usually eat with the teachers or in the classroom?


      1. I was at a middle school in Ibaraki until this summer. At our school, I either ate in the meeting room with the non-teaching staff (librarian, nurse, nutritionist, assistant principle, etc.), or in the classroom with the students whenever one of the teachers invited me. Whereabouts are you teaching? Is this your first time in Japan? I’m having a lot of fun with your blog and seeing Japan through the eyes of another ALT!


      2. Oh cool, I’m close to where you were! I’m in Tatebayashi, a little town in Gunma. I’ve been living here three years and teaching for two! My husband got a job with JET, and I got a direct hire job a year later.

        Now that you’ve finished in Ibaraki, what are you doing now? I love seeing all of your food posts! I just read about the mochi with white bean paste – I have to keep an eye out for that!


      3. I’m just chilling for a bit, and then I’ll be heading back home soon. I actually passed through Gunma during a recent visit to Tochigi! Do you like your job there? I’m surprised that you’ve been in Japan three years! Way to go! And yeah, totally try out the white bean paste mochi. As you may be able to tell from my blog, I adore all wagashi hahaha


      4. This year’s been really good! In the past I’ve had trouble with sixth grade boys (and a distinct lack of discipline exerted by the teachers, hence the troubles), but this year I’ve been lucky! Good kids, good teachers; makes it easier to stay another year.

        I hope you enjoy your travels and have a safe trip home! I’ll be watching your blog for more good food ^_^


      5. I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying it! I’ve met a number of ALTs – some who loved the experience, but also many who had a tough time. Japan is such a fun and exciting country, and I think that’s why a lot of ALTs choose to go there, so I’m always happy to hear when things go well and people actually enjoy their work! Looking forward to more posts!

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