Wheat Field Wanderings

こんにちは! It’s Golden Week in Japan, a time of the year when several holidays (Showa Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, and Children’s Day) fall close together, which usually means one or two long weekends! This year we happened to have Monday, Thursday, and Friday off; usually this week is a prime time to travel … Continue reading Wheat Field Wanderings

Spring in Tatebayashi

こんばんは! Back home, my favourite season was always fall. I loved the changing colours and the crisp air, the pumpkins and excitement of Halloween. Since moving to Japan, though, I’ve fallen in love with spring. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as a long line of sakura trees swaying in the breeze as petals flurry down … Continue reading Spring in Tatebayashi


Hello all! Last Wednesday I swung by a local temple called Morinji, just next to the train station Morinjimae (it literally translates into “in front of Morinji.”) From the street, all you see is a sleepy little road lined with shuttered shops. I’ve only ever seen three total shops open at the same time, tops … Continue reading Morinji