May Musings

こんにちは! Wow, it’s been nearly three months since I’ve last posted. Quite a lot has happened since then: the school year ended in March and a new one began in April; I moved from one school to another; Japan started a brand new era (from Heisei to Reiwa) — the list goes on! Here’s my … Continue reading May Musings

Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki

こんばんは! I was looking through my restaurant posts recently and realized that I hadn’t yet posted any pictures from Tatebayashi’s okonomiyaki restaurant, Dohtonbori! Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style crepe or pancake (the name literally means “things you like fried up together”). It’s a tasty food you can find at festivals as well as in restaurants. I … Continue reading Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki